Mission & Vision



Our vision is to be one of the region's top partners to local and multinational pharmaceutical firms. We envision offering them a high quality and consistency of medicine, personal care, cosmetic and household products by supplying them with high stability and cost effective ingredients empowering them to reach customer satisfaction and maintain their brands' equities.



Our mission is to supply our customers with sustainable, high quality, reliable and innovative Active and In-Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and excipients essential for their businesses' success. We are committed to provide highly stable ingredients for the fields of medicine, personal care, cosmetics and household products as well as innovative ideas to improve existing brand products and decrease production costs.


Values & Principles


Innovation and Creativity

Our professionals are highly innovative and creative. They are trained and educated to carefully examine customers' needs and accordingly source the innovative ingredient or excipient that would best suit the end product.

Health Consciousness

One of our most appreciated values is health consciousness. At AWA Ingredients Supply, employees are conscious that all ingredients and excipients have no negative effects on end users' health.

Quality Reliability

Our work team shares a great deal of integrity when it comes to quality assurance. Customers can always rely on AWA Ingredients Supply's choice of the best quality ingredients and excipients for their final products.

Efficiency and Punctuality

All work team members understand the value of time and respect delivery agreements. They are trained to work around the clock to ensure that their customers' needs arrive exactly on time and adhere to the exact agreed upon requirements.