Business Segments


We currently offer pharmaceutical companies with ingredients and excipients incorporated in many pharmaceutical formulations. These include oral drug formulations like syrups, tablets, capsules, suspensions and lozenges as well as topical drug formulations including creams, ointments, gels, suppositories, injections, inhalations and many others formulations .

We Supply:

    Ingredients used to increase the volume of the product to accommodate smoother drug processing and make it easier for the consumer to use.

    Ingredients added to cement the active and inert components of tablets together to maintain cohesive and discrete portions. These are especially important in the production of time release products.

    Ingredients added to make the drugs more palatable and mask unpleasant taste, especially in oral drug formulations. Our portfolio includes naturalartificial and low calorie sweeteners.

    Ingredients added to protect the drug from any microbial or fungal contamination, also to prolong the drug’s shelf life and maintain sterility.

    These are ingredients that help tablets to dissolve within the gastrointestinal tract to ensure full release of APIs.

    Ingredients used to protect tablets against premature physical breakup, modifying the drug release profile thereby covering bad taste and allowing the tablet to be swallowed easily. We supply ingredients for all types of coating such as thin film, sugar coating, and enteric coating. 

    Ingredients incorporated in "suspensions" used to prevent aggregation of the active drug in liquid form, allowing uniform concentrations to be maintained for accurate dosing.

    Ingredients used to facilitate the release of stamped solid pharmaceutical dosage forms out of the die once pressed , improving the efficiency of manufacturing.

    These are used mainly in "oral dosage" forms to cover bad taste and give the drug a good appearance. They can be natural and artificial. 

    We supply fortificationsminerals and multivitamins that are useful to children, elderly, Vet development and health through enriching nutritional formulas and dietary supplements.