AWA Ingredients Supply has a dedicated team responsible for contacting different suppliers from all over the world. Our team is committed to getting the best offers available for customers for all ingredients. We help source and provide our customers with ingredients that they already use and help them find new sources for any ingredients they may need.


We have a comprehensive logistics and chemicals inventory network combined with electronic ordering and shipment tracking, centralized fulfilment and just in time delivery. This network allows us to provide significant value for both our customers and suppliers. Our logistics department is fully supported by all kinds of vehicles that deliver products inside Egypt as well as outside. All AWA Ingredients Supply's vehicles and warehouses meet the ISO standards.

Technical Support

Through our fully committed and well trained technical team, we offer technical assistance with a high quality products and services. We solve any technical issues related to the ingredients we supply in all concerned fields. AWA Ingredients Supply's technical support system provides consultations regarding ingredients' specifications, usage, storage, packaging, etc…